Student and Parent Testimonials

"We couldn't be happier with the progress our kids have made! Joey helped motivate them and they absolutely love the lessons!"

         Elizabeth (parent)

"My son, Alex, really loves the lessons! It's so neat to see him playing piano all the time instead of playing video games!"

         Marla (parent)

"We've had our kids enrolled for over a year now and have seen them make amazing progress. Up until we enrolled them in lessons they had no prior experience with music. We wanted to give them each the opportunity to learn a musical instrument because we thought it would be a valuable skill to develop. Joey is very patient and always very encouraging (ages 13 and 15). We highly recommend him as a music teacher!"

         Denise (parent)

"We had tried a couple of teachers before we found Joey. He was the only teacher who seemed to really connect with our kids. He makes the lessons fun and the kids always look forward to their lessons."

         Maria (parent)

"When I started lessons I had some experience but no formal training. The lessons are very fun and I am learning a lot of things including technique and theory that I would never have learned on my own. Joey is an excellent teacher and I'm lucky to have found him!"

        Ryan (guitar) age 31

"I've taken lessons from several teachers in OC. Joey was more knowledgeable than any of them!"

        Dan (piano) age 51

"Joey has been teaching our daughter piano and guitar for over two years. We love having the lessons in our home! It was so much more convenient than driving to the music store. We were even more glad to make the change to in-home lessons when we realized Joey was charging about half what we paid at the store! He is patient, relaxed, intuitive, and over all a very good teacher. Our daughter always looks forward to the lessons!"

        Dave (parent)

"After teaching myself guitar for a couple years I decided to take some lessons with Joey. He taught me some great blues licks and showed me some different blues progressions. I was amazed at how much I learned in just a few lessons. I also really liked how the lessons were laid back and fun. I'd highly recommend him as a teacher, especially for anyone interested in blues and rock!"

        Greg (guitar), age 22 

"My kids have been taking piano lessons from Joey for about a year now and have enjoyed it so much! We had a keyboard that no one knew how to play so I decided to enroll them in lessons to see if they liked it. I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of music they learned - everything from the Jonas Brothers to Beethoven. We couldn't be more pleased with the lessons!"

Mary (parent)

"Joey is an excellent teacher! He helped me take my guitar playing to the next level after only a few months of lessons. He taught me so many things I would never have picked up on my own."

        Eduardo (guitar) age 25

"I've been taking piano lessons with Joey for 2 years now and have enjoyed it very much. He is extremely knowledgeable, patient, and very easy going! I'm the type of person who likes to ask tons of questions and Joey is very good at explaining things in a way I can understand. He has made learning piano fun for me and I always look forward to the lessons!"

Hellen (piano), age 39

"Joey is a patient and helpful instructor. He lets you go at your own pace. You can pick songs that you enjoy and he will simplify the chords to match your playing level. He plays his guitar and sings along with you. He makes the lessons fun!"

Emilie (guitar), age 12

'I've been taking lessons with Joey for a year. I really enjoy them! He is a good teacher and he makes the lessons fun!"

John (piano), age 9

"I really enjoy lessons with Joey. They are very informative and enjoyable. It's really easy to learn with how he teaches. I've been taking lessons from him for about a year now and I've learned so much! Changing to a different teacher has never even crossed my mind."

Daniel (guitar), age 18

"I've been studying guitar and songwriting with Joey now for about a year. I can't believe how knowledgeable he is about anything music related. With Joey's help I went from knowing almost nothing about music theory to being able to write and perform my own songs. I can't believe how far I've come! Thanks Joey!"

Jared (guitar, songwriting), age 29

"I found Joey to be extremely knowledgeable, patient, easy going, and overall a very effective teacher. He helped me learn tons of songs, blues licks, and finger style picking. We also worked music theory and songwriting - I learned more in 5 months of lessons than I did in 4 years of teaching myself!"

        Monique (guitar, songwriting) age 34

"Joey has been teaching piano to my three children at our home for approximately eight months.  Each week he comes prepared and ready to teach the kids new things and to inspire a love of music.  Joey relates well with children of all ages (mine range between 4 and 9 years), and is great at responding to each of their levels.  He is responsible, reliable and a talented musician."

Melissa (parent)

"I am happy to recommend Joey Mendez as a piano instructor. I have studied with him for just over a year now and have accomplished my goal of learning to play the piano. Joey has helped me learn the basics of reading music and has taught me how to play some of my favorite songs! He is fun, easy going, and a highly talented teacher!"

        Sarah (piano), age 30

"Our kids have loved the music lessons with Joey! We also really like the fact that he comes to our home. It is so much more convenient than driving them to their lessons each week. Highly recommended!"

        Jennifer (parent)

"Joey is fun, highly skilled, and a great teacher! I'd highly recommend him to anyone interested in learning music. Before taking lessons with Joey I had zero experience. After 3 months of lessons I was already learning how to play my favorite songs. He gave me the foundation I needed to start my own musical journey. Thanks Joey!"

           Rachel (piano), age 24

"I'm very happy to have Joey as a guitar teacher for my son, Saul. I was very surprised at how quickly my son started to learn not just simple tunes but even how to read real music!"                                                 

Rigo (parent)

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